Answers to FAQs — 'Yes' on 1A

What will my property taxes cost in years 2020-2026?

Will the costs vary each year?

Yes, the cost of your property taxes will vary from year to year during 2020-2026.
  • In 2020, we know how much property taxes will cost homeowners because county commissioners will collect only $16.1 million dollars to cover proposed budget cuts.
  • This will cost the average homeowner about $4.50 a month for a home valued at about $400,000.
Costs in future years will depend on county budget needs and assessed valuations.
  • In 2021-26, commissioners will work closely with the community, elected officials and county staff to identify the annual cost of public safety, roads and other essential county services.
  • They will continue to look for greater efficiencies, be wise stewards of taxpayer dollars and collect only the amount needed each year.