Answers to FAQs — 'Yes' on 1A

What is the county doing to save taxpayer dollars?

The county has implemented an initiative called Resilient Jeffco, which is designed to identify current and future county needs and develop innovative and strategic ways to meet the those needs in the most efficient way possible.

This effort has already delivered a number of improvements and efficiencies. Some examples include:

  • Processing and reusing old asphalt in road repairs and maintenance has saved the county approximately $351,000 in one year alone.
  • Implementing lighting upgrades, water-saving measures, heating and ventilation efficiencies, and installation of solar photovoltaic systems at several sites is now saving the county approximately $478,000 a year.
  • Developing a centrally managed fleet program is maximizing the use of existing vehicles and reducing the costs of maintenance and replacements. This has saved $640K so far and this number is expected to grow.