Answers to FAQs — 'Yes' on 1A

How is the county funded?

2019 revenues total $559,529,300. The County’s general fund, comprising about $220M of the entire county budget, is where the financial stress is being felt. It’s this part of the budget, which faces revenue and spending limitations due to TABOR restrictions, that’s facing $16.1 million in reductions.

Other sources of revenue include:

  • Intergovernmental charges (16.0%)
  • Sales tax (11.8%)
  • Charges for services, fines & forfeitures, licenses and permits (8.4%) 
  • Auto-ownership and fuel tax (7.6%)
  • Miscellaneous income (3.0%)
  • Investment income (1.7%)
  • Proceeds from dispositions (0.6%) and miscellaneous income (3.0%)

In addition, the county allocated $26.9 million from its reserves (saving account) to balance the 2019 budget.