Thank You to Our Dedicated Volunteers & Supporters

Thanks to all the dedicated volunteers who worked so hard on 1A. Despite the outcome, it’s been an honor to work with such wonderful, engaged people who care so deeply about the future of Jefferson County.

NOTICE: You are invited to attend our upcoming County Commissioners budget hearing on Nov. 12 at 8 a.m. at the Jefferson County Admin and Court Building.

In 2020, Jefferson County will have to cut expenses by $16.1 million, including:

  • $5.4 million in cuts to public safety
  • $10.1 million in cuts to other county services
  • $0.6 million in cuts to health & human services

What Does This Mean to Jeffco?

Research tells us that Jefferson County has seen a 30% increase in crime and a 9% increase in the jail population over the course of the last four years.

Cuts to the 2020 budget will result in:

Residents will feel the pain of reduced services, including:

  • Cuts to the Clerk and Recorder’s office, with increased election risk and delays in reporting results
  • Longer wait times for DMV and other county services
  • Cuts to roads and bridges, resulting in deteriorating roads and more potholes

Our budget issues will also mean significant cuts to Public Health services resulting in:

  • Potential cuts to CSU Extension services
  • Cuts to restaurant food-safety programs
  • Cuts to natural resource management

There is a Solution

Vote ‘Yes’ on 1A this November 2019

On July 23rd the Jeffco County Commissioners unanimously decided to put initiative 1A on the November ballot to fix the county budget issues.

Jeffco residents: a vote Yes on 1A would allow the county in 2020-26 to reinvest property tax revenue above TABOR limits into essential services such as public safety and roads.

In 2020, the ballot language even limits the amount of revenue collected over the TABOR limit to $16.1 million — or just enough to address the projected budget cuts.

What is the Cost of 1A?

  • Due to TABOR limitations, in 2019, a single family home valued at $400,000 received a reduction in property taxes of approximately $9 per month/$105 per year.
  • Because the county would limit the additional revenue to $16.1M in 2020, the impact for 2020 is estimated to be half of that for the average homeowner, or about $4.50 per month/$54 per year.
  • For 2020, this represents an increase to the total county tax bill of about 2.7%.
  • The cost to businesses is estimated to be $9 per month per $100,000 of business property value.

It’s a small price to pay to preserve the safety, quality of life and health and well being of more than 580,000 Jeffco residents.

Costs in future years will depend on county budget needs and assessed valuations. 

While the county commissioners can’t raise the mill levy without voter approval, they can lower the mill levy to ensure they don’t collect more money than they need.

Help keep Jeffco Safe & Strong.

We Need Your Support

Vote ‘Yes’ on 1A for our public safety.

Preserve important Countywide services.

Protect our health and wellbeing.  

Please also help with your donation.

Together we’ll Keep Jeffco Safe!

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